AIP Publishing recognizes the importance of getting the word out and have committed to working with our authors to maximize readership and awareness of books published within AIP Publishing’s Books program. Through integrated multimedia efforts including social media, web promotion, on-site conference promotion and press releases we’ll make sure that researchers, academics and professionals, and librarians and information managers remain well informed.

Once published, we’ll work with you to craft messaging that you can use within your own networks and that we can promote through AIP Publishing. Some channels we use to optimize awareness of your book include:


increase awareness with readers who have a direct interest in scientific advancements across the physical sciences.

    AIP Publishing’s content platform reaches more than 980K users per month
  • TOC Alerts:
    Our journal table-of-contents alerts reach 2,000+ readers per month
  • Researcher Newsletters:
    Emails to students, scientists, and researchers who have opted-in to receive regular communications from AIP Publishing
  • Institutional Communications:
    Regular outreach to librarians and information managers at nearly 4,000 institutions and companies that are most interested in gaining access to books for their researchers, students and instructors.


AIP Publishing will initiative in-house promotions through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, we will provide announcements that authors can share on their personal accounts.

  • LinkedIn and Facebook:
    Regular posts and and sponsored advertising through AIP Publishing’s network, including the Librarian Community group
  • Twitter:
    Grow interest through tweets to notify followers of a newly launched book and relevance to upcoming conferences


AIP Publishing will plan press releases and publicity around newly published books


We’ll highlight our latest books at relevant scientific and library conferences

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